MaskIt jQuery Plugin

Why I created MaskIt?  (skip to the goods if you just want plugin, I want blame you)

The best way to learn something is to do it yourself and although I've been coding for fairly long time and I had brief idea of how to create jQuery plugins I never actually created anything worth publishing. Now, as I seem to constantly need to mask fields in various HTML forms I decided to create jQuery plugin that would do just that.

Being fairly new to plugin development I decided to go over few tutorials on the subject and soon enough started cracking on code. I was pleasantly surprised that plugin development is not as difficult as it seems and in less than 2 days I was able to create plugin to mask HTML inputs.

What it MaskIt?

Long story short, MaskIt (awesome name I came up with ;) is a jQuery plugin that will display mask inside of HTML Input field. It limits what can be entered, what is optional etc. All this is done via providing mask pattern and optional settings for plugin.

Please note that if for whatever reason my plugin doesn't meet your requirements give a try Masked Input Plugin from Having seen it before I used similar concept in my plugin and although my plugin is created from scratch you might notice similarities e.g. "?" might be used to specify optional content.

How to use it?

I've created separate page specifically to show how to use the plugin, what it does etc., you can find it here or grab it from

You will find code samples and general information on how to use it. Any comments, bug, wish features and  anything really (no spam please) please comment on this page. If you do something cool with it, please let me know. Would love to see that others find this plugin useful.


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